Friday, April 27, 2012

Focused Ion Beams

Hi Everyone,

Platinum deposition and cutting of my name into a
Silicon wafer (notice the scale bar is 3 um)
0 degree view of a crater that has been cut for cross
section view.

A quick update, I just finished training to use the Focused Ion Beam yesterday so I am now fully capable of micro machining!  You can do a lot of cool stuff like writing your name into a sample, marking a sample so you can find your targets again and more relevant to my thesis, cut craters in half and see the crater profile.

Platinum deposition helps to protect the sample you want to see a cross section of and helps to bring out the contours of craters.  In parallel with this work, I'm working with Yancey Sechrest, another grad student working for Tobin on a plasma turbulence problem, to create a program that can take a stereo pair (2 images of the same crater at different angles) and recreate a 3D model of the crater.  Hopefully I'll have a post soon with the results of that project

25 degree view of a crater that has been cut.  The white stuff
is a layer of platinum deposited to make the crater edge more

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