Monday, January 24, 2011


Hi Everyone,

The Pelletron has been charged up to 3 million volts!
We did a bit more work on the Pelletron today, filling the tank all the way up to 80PSI of SF6.  We also tried running up the voltage on the Pelletron and was able to get it up to 3 million volts!  Unfortunately it started sparking at this point, which is normal.  It sounds a bit like a gun but a little quieter.  We've got it now at about 2.5 million volts and we'll be "conditioning" it all night.  This really just means we'll leave it running and any of the rough edges or dust still left inside the high voltage terminal will be blasted away by the sparks that are created.  With any luck, the Pelletron will be fully functioning tomorrow morning.  Keep your fingers crossed!


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