Thursday, December 9, 2010

Simulation Tool

In case you didn't already hear back in July, an extremely well balanced and streamlined simulation engine, Lagoa Multiphysics 1.0, has been developed by Thiago Costa under the banner of Lagoa Technologies. Both graphics buffs and programmers alike are raving about the potential applications for such a relatively lightweight and versatile engine.

Autodesk, creator of my long-time top-choice for modeling, effects and animation , 3ds Max has already acquired the licensing rights to bundle the new engine with their development suite.

“ICE affords developers greater speed and agility when it comes to creating custom effects. It is also fully multi-threaded making it unique among simulation capabilities integrated into other 3D animation applications,” said Stig Gruman, Autodesk vice president Digital Entertainment. “We’re tremendously proud that Thiago Costa seized the potential of ICE to design such an incredibly realistic simulation framework – one that also allows multiple physics solvers to operate at the same time in the same scene and even to interact.”

Check it out:

Is it too early to add this to my christmas list? =3

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